Hey, my name is Eric and I’m the owner and engineer at Sabi Sound. I’ve been a musician for 25 years. I started out playing guitar, picked up the mandolin, and that led to exploring other stringstruments such as banjo and shamisen.

I started out recording on a Tascam 4-track, upgraded to an 8-track, tried my hands on one of those Roland digital portastudios in the early aughts, and then ended up with Logic Pro and Ableton Live. After getting serious about modern music production, I added keyboards, programming synthesizers, and drum machines to my quiver.

As a listener, I love how timbre impacts how we feel about a song or production, which explains why Sabi Sound is stocked with different instruments, effects boxes, and microphones.

I often play on many of the projects recorded at Sabi Sound, including electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, synthesizers, general sound design, and drum programming.

Sabi Sound is a Zen-like creative space for crafting amazing music. I only take on projects that grab me, collaborating with musicians who are positive and creative.

Every artist is different and every song should be unique. If we work together I treat your project with the same respect, care, and attention that you do. The recording process is about catching a vibe that is captivating, honest, and precise. And the mixing process—if desired—is often about creating a sonic fantasy that’s engaging and supernatural.

Feel free to contact me any time for a tour—I love meeting new people!

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Photo by © Ben Collins
Eric Segalstad plays Waking Windows 2019. Photo by Luke Awtry Photography
Photos by Luke Awtry