1965 Fender Jazzmaster

1965 Fender Jazzmaster Candy Apple Red headstock

Doesn’t get much better than a vintage Fender Jazzmaster in Leo Fender’s favorite custom finish: candy apple red.

The lacquer is vibrant and iridescent, caused by the silver coat that’s applied underneath the sparkly red. Seen in the right light, the finish appears wonderfully cracked. This guitar epitomizes the Japanese concept of wabi sabi — beauty in imperfection. The neck is thinner than most vintage Fenders and worn smooth from more than half a century of playing. The pickups offer the hi-def clarity that these guitars are famous for, but can also rock with the best of them when given a chance. This guitar is my numero uno.

Specs: 1965 Fender Jazzmaster in Candy Apple Red. All original except a new pickguard and a ’66 volume pot. Set up with a .011 gauge string set and a Mastery bridge.