1967 Gibson EM-200 Electric Mandolin

Built like a Les Paul with a sawed-off P90 pickup, this Gibson electric mandolin covers Americana to GnR.

Feedback got old for me after playing acoustic mandolin on stages with a full band. I was looking around for an electric 8-string mandolin and had a builder scoped out. After playing a vintage Gibson EM-150 I got curious about vintage electric mandolins and came across Gibson’s top of the line Florentine / EM-200 model. These were made to order in small numbers from 1954 – 1971 and are essentially built like Les Pauls: Honduran mahogany, nice inlay work and a sassy P90-style soapbar pickup. This one survived Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and ended up at Sabi Sound in Vermont.

Specs: Custom ordered 1967 Gibson EM-200 in sunburst. Original P90 single coil.

Photography by © Ben Collins