1998 Music Man StingRay Bass

Japan is known for its seafood and on a recent trip I tried my luck and hauled in this beautiful StingRay.

The Music Man StingRay bass was the last great instrument that Leo Fender helped design. Leo designed the Precision Bass in the 1950s, the Jazz Bass in the 1960s, and the StingRay in the 1970s. It feels entirely familiar to players who are used to Fender basses, yet has a unique sound of it’s own, thanks in part to the punchy humbucker and the active preamp and 3-band eq. The bass is deeper, the midrange can be very prominent and aggressive, and the treble is brilliant. In combination the sound this bass produces is 3 dimensional, rich and full and with a dusting of pleasing harmonics.

Noted Music Man StingRay players include Bernard Edwards of Chic (“Le Freak”) fame, John Deacon of Queen (“Another One Bites the Dust”), Flea, Rick James, and the incredible Tony Levin.