1959 Supro Spectator 1614n

'59 Supro Spectator tube amp

Volume and tone controls and an 8″ speaker. Stick a mic in front of it, crank it, and it sounds HUGE!

The Supro Spectator 1614n was made by Valco and it has a similar layout as the famed Fender Champ. 12ax7 preamp tube, 6V6 power tube and a 5Y3 rectifier.

It’s a sweet practice amp and while it never gets truly loud, dime the volume, adjust the tone to taste and you have a stage pass to a killer rock tone.

Jimmy Page famously used its bigger brother to record his blistering tones on those early Led Zeppelin albums and the Spectator can easily take you there as well, no pedals needed.

The sound from the 8″ Jensen Alnico speaker slots beautifully into every mix without much need for eq or hi-pass. It’s a gem of an amp.