1950s Walberg & Auge "Perfection"  Drum Kit

Huge kick, toms that sing, and a killer snare to rule them all! “Crafted to Perfection” in Massachusetts by Robert George Bernard.

1950s Walberg & Auge Perfection kit 9×13, 16×14(!), 16×24 kick, 5×14 snare. Gretsch 3-ply shells with W&A re-rings, Gretsch rocket lugs.

Restored by Anthony Defusco for current W&A owner Jeremy Esposito and wrapped in same silver sparkle finish that these originally had.

During the dawn of jazz, Walberg & Auge innovated and manufactured many components that mark the “Modern Drum Set” we know today: W&A invented the first hi-hat stand, drum throne, clamping basket snare stand, and various trap attachments.

From the 1920s – 1950s, Walberg & Auge supplied these components to every American drum set manufacturer (Gretsch, Rogers, Ludwig, Slingerland). Sometimes the company traded for shells and lugs from the same manufacturers, that Robert George Bernard (RGB) used to craft Walberg & Auge’s boutique “Perfection” kits.

Sabi Sound’s W&A kit was made from 1950s Gretsch 3-ply shells and rocket lugs and RGB crafted, installed, and carefully tuned re-rings. These drums sound beautiful, bloom with musical overtones with coated skins, and I find them a lot more versatile than I first expected.

The snare alone is worth the entry price and is one of the top two most used snares at Sabi Sound (along with the 1960s Ludwig Acrolite); drummer’s choice!